In the pandemic, we stayed committed to a hard, unprecedented project, that is to ensure our guests’ valued Health and Safety, during their summer holidays. Taking considerable measures against the spread of the pandemic, and, strictly applying the Health Protocol for the operation of Tourism in Greece, we managed to create a Covid-safe environment in Studios Giannakis!
We welcomed a considerable amount of guests that enjoyed the luxury and relaxation that Studio Giannakis premises offer, while, at the same time, we kept the Covid cases to zero, throughout the season. Eventually, our guests, our friends and their families enjoyed their summer vacation in a safe, well-preserved, environment, where the wellness of the body meets the peace of the mind.
This year, in 2024, in the light of a new beginning for Humanity, worldwide, we remain committed to the same goal! Even stronger and more experienced, and, with deep respect to the value of human existence, we would like to reassure you that you can TRUST us for your summer vacation!
Book now for 2024, taking advantage of our special offers and be sure about our flexible travel policies. Let us inspire your holidays!

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The Studios Giannakis Team!


COVID-19 Information 15.03.2022

Stay up to date on travel information regarding COVID-19. Learn more about our commitment to your health and safety, as well as our cancellation policy.
"Thassos Studios Giannakis" private setting, featuring 5 independent studios/apartments, offers a Covid-Safe, highly protective Sanctuary for families to spend their summer vacation.
It meticulously applies the guidelines of the Greek Health Protocol, for the operation of hotels, in summer 2022, thus, creating a safe zone for you and your loved ones. Employing high class Health and Safety measures creates a serene, protected environment for a guest journey within an inspiring, calm and natural setting.


The "Thassos Studios Giannakis" Protocol
In absolute compliance with the strict guidelines concerning safety and hygiene in hotels, we have left absolutely nothing to chance for your protection. To ensure that you and your family enjoy the unique holiday experience that "Thassos Studios Giannakis" can provide, we have introduced high class health and safety measures. Therefore, our protocol provides a superior level of safety and confidence along with provisions for an unforgettable guest journey, while it enhances the sacred concepts of privacy, autonomy, comfort and luxury. Some major measures across hotel facilities and services, throughout your stay, are stated below.
Studios are meticulously cleaned and disinfected in every guest change, in accordance with the existing legislation. Increased water controls are also carried out, according to the Health Protocol. More specifically, in "Thassos Studios Giannakis", we apply the following:


Extension of check out and check in interval, between stays (11:00a.m.-15:00p.m.)


Outdoor Check in


Registration of everyone being accommodated in our premises (full name, country, phone number, e-mail, address, check in /check out date) in the hotel file book and book of events


Guests’ measurement  taking on arrival


E-payment is advised


Not every day cleaning of the studios/apartments, during the guest’s stay.


The cleaning of the studios/apartments, during the stay, will be done, upon the guest’s request.


The linen-sheets, towels and pillow cases- is NOT changed every day.


Any sort of towel/sheet/pillow case changing or hygiene services will take place, only after the guest’s request.


More specifically, dirty towels should be placed in special bags, provided in the suite/apartment, and, they should be placed in the entrance of it.


Everyday door and window opening, for the natural ventilation of the space, is strongly recommended.


 Airing/natural ventilation of the suite/apartment during the process of cleaning (open doors and windows)


Removal of all rubbish from rubbish bins.
Changing of the linen (sheets, towels, pillow cases). Dirty linen is placed in specific bags.


 Meticulous cleaning and disinfection of surfaces ( tables, chairs, kitchen surfaces, handles, knobs,, switches, remote controls, rubbish bins). Cleaning of the surfaces comes first, and then, disinfection liquid is applied, remaining for 15 minutes, being wiped, next, with one-use paper.


 Meticulous cleaning and disinfection of fabric surfaces, like sofas, mattresses, curtains, through the use of a steam cleaner.
 Floor mopping.
Continuous space airing/natural ventilation
A/C cleaning and disinfection are applied, while locks have been removed


 Cleaning and disinfection of the means of cleaning.
 Placing of the materials in the storeroom.
All the disinfection materials are approved and certified, for the specific goal, in accordance with the National Organization of Public Health guidelines.


All linen is washed in high temperatures, as defined in the protocol


Our stuff takes all the necessary precautions so that the safety, disinfection and hygiene guidelines are applied and everyone’s health is ensured


We are here, for our guests, to offer our services in any potential circumstance.
Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation policy has become much more flexible, for summer 2020, so that guests will be encouraged to proceed with a reservation. Thus, any cancellation that is being carried out at least 15 days before the arrival date is free of charge. Also, we are making any possible effort to reschedule your vacation, finding a new travelling date for you!


For further information, please, feel free to contact us at:
tel: +30 694 6683913
We look forward to welcoming you to our premises, this summer, too!



COVID-19 Information 29.05.2020

Optimistically looking ahead to your upcoming holidays, this summer, it is our commitment to make our guests feel safe, without compromising, and enjoy the luxury Votsalo experience. According to the latest Greek Government announcements and guidelines for the Restart of Tourisn in Greece, our hotel will open again on June 15th. We will keep you informed of any further modifications as well as of our detailed scheme of protection measures against COVID-19.

Safety and Hygiene
In Votsalo Suites, our commitment to Your Safety and Health remains our absolute priority. In respect to our guests and their trust to spend their valuable vacation at our premises, we are going to implement the World Health Protocol. More information about our increased hygiene and safety measures will soon be posted.

Calmness and Luxury
Our valued guests will always enjoy calmness and luxury, as they blend together in Votsalo Suites. Whether it is resting in the lovely and comfortable apartments/studios, located right on the beach, contemplating the endless blue of the Agean, or enjoying the crystal clear waters and sandy beach of Golden Beach, right in the front, STUDIOS GIANNAKIS is the ideal place to spend your family holidays!

Flexibility in Travel Dates
In case your travel dates are not feasible, yet, we are inviting you to contact us in order to rearrange your summer holidays for late June, July, August, September and early October! Special offers, too!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, either via our website, e-mail, or phone, as follows: +30 6946683913