Potamia sits at the foot of the Ipsarion mountain range, overlooked by Ipsarion (1204 meters) itself. It has retained a traditional feeling, with narrow winding streets passing under majestic plane trees. Potamia takes its name from the Greek name for 'rivers', there is a good reason for this as the winter snow and rain bubbles up through the ground creating small streams which crisscross the village, creating picture postcard scenes at every turn.

One of the most famous contemporary sons of Thassos, Polygnotos Vagis the sculptor (born 1892 Potamia, Thassos- 1965 died in New York) has a museum/gallery in the village which was created at his bequest - "I leave all my works to the people and government of Greece with the proviso that they be placed in a national museum or library built by preference on the island of Thassos, the land of my birth". His affinity with Thassos never left him and until his death he still signed works as 'the Thassian'.

The whole area actively participates in the Thassos summer cultural program and during the summer you will nearly always find some form of entertainment going on, including plays, live music, traditional dancing, food tasting, art and crafts exhibitions and historic talks. The monk's old boathouse (Tarsanas – in the fishermans harbour of Skala Potamia) is a popular venue for many of these events.